Spa is too hot

She adjusted the thermostat and turned the heated blanket off.

Everyone should book a spa day once in their life. A great way to pamper yourself is by getting a massage. Many spas offer a plethora of services. A massage is a great way to relax after a long week, or to get rid of some of the tension that builds up over time. Some people get massages once a week while others go every other month. A massage is also a great gift. Some people do not like to be touched and others so not like to spend the money. I recently got a massage that was worth every dime. There was only one thing that I would have changed- the temperature in the spa. I first noticed the temperature of the spa when I walked through the nail salon. I did not want to complain because this was my first time at the spa and I had a gift card. I kept expecting the air conditioner to kick in and cool everyone down. But, the air conditioner never came on. As the message went on, the room got warmer and warmer. I also noticed that I had forgotten to turn the heated blanket off. I was starting to sweat during my massage. About half way through, I had to tell the masseuse that I was uncomfortable and that the room was too warm. She was very understanding and accommodating. She adjusted the thermostat and turned the heated blanket off. This made such a difference in my spa experience. After my massage, I felt relaxed and refreshed. I just wish that I would have mentioned the air conditioner issue before the massage began.


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