My wife likes it warm at night while I prefer a cold house to sleep in

When my wife and I first met, we were amazed by how much we both had in common.

  • We shared so many interests and hobbies that it seemed almost too good to be true.

It wasn’t until we married and lived in the same house for a few years that I was able to see some of our key differences. Even though we loved the same books, movies, and music, we prefer to eat different types of food during the week, sometimes to the degree of us making separate meals simultaneously. But, this is just scratching the surface. She is also a cat person while I am a dog person. She likes to have every curtain in the house open to let in light, while I’m content living in a cave. But, probably the most contentious issue that we both face is our diverging indoor climate preferences. I think she never said anything to me about how cold my apartment was for so many years purely out of her love for me and her insistence that she didn’t mind if my thermostat was at 72 degrees every night for bed. She, instead, would rather it be somewhere as warm as 78 degrees. Unfortunately, it’s hard to make a compromise when our preferences are so far apart. Plus, it’s not exactly easy to use different layers of bedding when you’re sharing the same bed. We eventually decided to meet halfway with the air conditioner and simply run it at 75 degrees. It’s not a perfect solution, but it forces us to share the hardship of having the thermostat away from our ideals as individuals. Unless we are willing to sleep in separate rooms, this is the best we can do for now.


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