Instead of dealing with leaky ductwork, my home now has ductless mini splits throughout

This way I can avoid any air loss in a leaky ductwork while bypassing the need to ever need ductwork again

I work for an amazing company. We are granted time off whenever we need it, and we can also work remotely. Plus, I genuinely enjoy the work I do every single day. I am a proofreading editor for a company that does contract work for newspapers, magazines, and online publications. It has become costly for print and web publishers to have their own in-house copy editors. Therefore, many of your local newspapers, whether they’re small or large, rely on people like me to catch the errors in the articles before they’re seen by the public. One side effect of this work that I would have never expected was the improvement in my language faculty in my brain. I don’t feel tongue tied or at a loss of words whenever I’m nervous or struggling to articulate a thought. I see so many different variations of diction and syntax each day that my brain can spit out words faster than it takes the thoughts to completely formulate. The other amazing thing about this company is the surprise of an unexpected bonus whenever our numbers are improving at a predetermined rate. I was finally able to fix the problem with my home’s heating and cooling system after one such bonus. My ductwork is extremely leaky and needed to be replaced if I wanted an air conditioner or furnace that would work and night die after a few days of prolonged air loss and abuse. Instead, I decided to install four ductless mini splits in various zones throughout my house. This way I can avoid any air loss in a leaky ductwork while bypassing the need to ever need ductwork again. I can also keep specific zones in my house at different temperatures depending on what part of the house I’m using at any given moment. Zone controlled heating and cooling with this new system of ductless mini splits has solved my problems with indoor climate control.


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