I thought I could simply replace my condenser after a tree fell and smashed it to bits

My area gets hit with a tremendous amount of severe thunderstorms each year.

As we are just out of tornado alley by a few hundred miles, those terrifying cyclones are something we contend with each year.

You could be having the best day of your life and in minutes watch everything you’ve known and loved for your whole life swept away in an instant. It’s sad when you see the wreckage on the local news, seeing people you knew in grade school in tears and shambles. And all they can do is just shuffle aimlessly through the rubble that used to be their homes. Sometimes the best warning you get is hearing the loud siren go off in your area, praying you don’t live someplace that is too remote. When you hear it, you have a few minutes at best to gather your loved ones, pets, and a few supplies and clothes before rushing into the basement. Make sure you open the windows in your house so the pressure can equalize, making it less likely that your house explodes too much pressure. That is if you’re lucky and don’t get hit head on. Last year, we had an F4 tornado that blew through my town, destroying almost everything in its path. A tree fell and barely missed my roof by about six inches. Instead, it demolished my HVAC condenser. These devices are not cheap, and as I unfortunately learned, usually cannot be replaced separately. Because the coolant has to match from unit to unit, you have to replace air handlers and condensers at the same time. If one needs to be replaced, you have to buy a brand new system altogether, regardless of how much life either of the two components have left in them.


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