A local HVAC dealer is having a going-out-of-business liquidation sale

My small town has seen many businesses come and go since the economic recession of 2008. We have a small population, but we are situated between two large cities and thus receive a lot of thru-traffic of people from out of town. There were a few tourist traps at varying points, with a large family fun center that last until three years ago. They had go-karts, a large arcade, mini-golf, and rock climbing. The foot traffic kept slowing more and more as the years went by, to such a large degree that even the locals stopped going. When anyone nearby quits giving you their patronage, you know you’re doomed as a business. Thus, we see a lot going-out-of-business sales and liquidation events. I bought a 4k LED television for about half the price of retail when our only electronics store bit the dust in 2015. My brother scored a stereo system for 60% off the regular price. Right now, one of only two HVAC businesses in our town is having a huge sale ahead of closing. They’re offering 50% off on new system installations and 40% off equipment like filters, UV lights, and flex duct. Since I badly needed a new air conditioner and was already struggling to budget the money towards a replacement, this sale was the miracle I was hoping for. When all was said and done, I had a new air conditioning system far lower than any business would ever go with name brand equipment like this. Sometimes it pays to keep an eye on when businesses are closing shop, because you can score amazing deals that way.


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