I’m going out with my HVAC technician again this weekend

I’m going on a date with my HVAC technician this Friday night.

I can’t believe I’m doing that, but I really am.

Let me just tell you, when this man showed up at my doorstep on Monday morning to work on my broken furnace, I could not even believe my good luck. This man was gorgeous. He was ruggedly handsome with a stubbly beard and these piercing bright blue eyes that I could look into forever. I am pretty sure that I blabbered on and on about my malfunctioning heater and I probably sounded like a big idiot when I was telling him how the furnace wouldn’t run. I remember trying to duplicate the roaring sound it made and he laughed at me when I sounded like a sheep in labor. I guess the HVAC technician thought that I was pretty funny, though, because he asked me out to dinner once he got my furnace up and running again. It was so cute. He was adjusting my thermostat unit and he said that he would have me all heated up and cozy in no time. That’s when I looked in his eyes and I definitely noticed a double meaning in his words! He asked me out and I said yes. Now I’m a little bit nervous about this date, though. If I don’t like him, I hope that I don’t end up having to switch my heating and air conditioning company! I guess I could just request a different HVAC technician to service my house, but I’m kind of hoping that this will lead somewhere and I’ll have my very own live in HVAC guy soon!


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