Heating and air conditioning helps with workouts

Fitness is extremely important to me. Whenever possible I like to run outside. Unfortunately, the weather rarely cooperates. In the area where we live, we experience four distinct seasons. The spring season brings chilly temperatures and lots of rain. The autumn is also damp and cold. Summers are excessively hot and humid while the winters are long, snowy and the temperature is often sub zero. It is difficult to dress appropriately for the weather. Because of this, I most often workout indoors. I run on the treadmill for hours at a time. Having access to temperature control makes all the difference. My home is equipped with a modern heating and cooling system that includes a smart thermostat and zone control. I have access to temperature adjustment through my smartphone. Even while I’m on the treadmill I can simply go through the phone and raise or lower the indoor temperature. I typically like to keep the workout room a bit cooler than the rest of the house. The zone control allows me to do that without impacting the rest of the house. The advanced HVAC system includes heating, cooling, dehumidification and air filtration. I am able to run without being impacted by the weather, dogs, bugs and traffic. It’s a lot easier for me to take advantage of my workout area rather than attempting to run outdoors. I have access to a whole bunch of equipment and water and a bathroom. I don’t need to dress for the weather and or worry about getting rained on.


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