A nice night on the town

It was a celebration of me and my girlfriend’s one year of being together.

To celebrate the milestone we decided to go for a really nice night out on the town.

That meant a really nice dinner at a fancy place and going to see all the beautiful sights in the city. We picked a really good time of year to have this celebration because it just when the evening air quality is at its best. We live by the beach and the ocean, so the air quality is really perfect as you can imagine. Just being outside in the evening is almost like being in a natural version of a whole home air purification system. The place we went to have dinner had the perfect temperature control too. They had their central air conditioning system on a very light setting while having some of the windows in the place opened to get the perfect outdoor air quality in. I can not tell you how relaxed both me and girl felt while we were having our really great night out on the town. We ended the night by going down to the beach and sitting by the ocean taking in that great outdoor air quality. Then when it was getting late, we decided to go back to her place. And she has the perfect climate control and temperature control in her house! So the great air quality we were having being in the city continued back at her place. All around it was a perfect night. And that was thanks to the great air quality!

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