I love my uncle, but his family drives me crazy

My uncle is one of my favorite members of our entire crazy family. Whenever he is around, everyone is always laughing and feeling good about life. He believes that every day you wake up, is a day worth celebrating. He is an amazing man, but I can’t stand his kids. They are so spoiled because his wife never tells them no. She thinks that children should be able to explore and do what they want. She says there is time enough to discipline when they are older. Whenever they come to my house, I am always worried about them getting into things when they come here. I worry about what they are going to break. Last month I had radiant heating installed in my three bathrooms. I also had a Smart Thermostat installed so I could keep track of my energy usage and save a bit more on my heating and cooling. I loved my new updates, but I was worried they would break my new thermostat and do something to hurt my heating. I was surprised to see only my uncle pull up in the cab. He said he was only here for the night because he was home on business. I took a deep sigh of relief as he asked me if I was going to show him the improvements I made to my HVAC system. I had the heating on in the bathrooms and he was impressed. He loved the Smart Thermostat and he commented that if his kids weren’t so destructive, he would consider having one installed into his home.



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