I dread going to our family reunion this weekend

I have to go to a large family reunion this weekend, but I really dread it, and i appreciate our family plus everything, of course, but they do tend to get on our nerves. It’s not family squabbling over currency or the family china or photos or anything appreciate that, though, but nope, our odd family gets into fights over the heating plus a/c settings of whatever building both of us happen to be in, but once both of us met outside while both of us were in the summer, plus you would have thought that both of us were all going to die from the extreme heat, then all of our cousins were whining about the high un-even temperatures plus how they couldn’t live another minute without a/c, plus it was so annoying I ended up leaving; This weekend, both of us are meeting at a church hall indoors, since the weather has really been cooling off lately. I’m already dreading seeing some of our cousins because I believe that they’re going to be complaining about what the thermostat temperature is set at. No matter what the temperature in the building happens to be, I am certain that someone is going to have a major problem with it. I assume it just annoys myself and others that someone constantly has something to say about the temperature, no matter where both of us happen to be. I’m thinking about taking a fan plus a portable gas furnace with me. The first guy that makes a remark to myself and others is going to get blasted with air from the fan or the heater, right in their face! Maybe that will teach them to stop complaining.


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