Who would have seen the potential

Louis has been known to be an entrepreneur.

He recently inherited a bigFamily farm with a barn on the property.

The barn had not been used professionally in decades, other than for storage of hay and tractors. The deteriorating barn had a beautiful beach house and even a full dining room in the back. The barn did not have a/c. Louis did not mind this for himself, but he decided to rent the barn out to various people for parties and ceremonys and knew that he would eventually need to have some kind of a/c put in. Instead of having an entire Central cooling system idea installed in the barn, he opted for a more modern portable cooling system units. He was able to afford 2 of them. One was used for the dining room and 1 for the dining room. In the Winter weeks, he easily would switch out the portable a/c unit for a portable oil furnace so that the guests would be comfortable. Louis ended up being really successful with this company and even got himself married in the barn. He was able to quit his job and use his earnings one day from the barn events to make a good living. He and his brand new wifey loved to chat with the renters and were amazing hosts. They still use the same old portable cooling system and portable oil gas furnaces to properly heat and cool the barn. They know that it goes right along with the rustic feels that the barn already has.

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