Louis has a Beach Day

For a big person similar to Louis , going to the beach isn’t typically an easy job. He generally requires a lot of things at the beach. He needs a chair, a hat, large sunglasses, an umbrella, and a cooler full of water. He then carefully has to haul all of these items to the beach and back which is exhausting in and of itself. This can be really tiring for an old, overweight and unhealthy man. He enjoys reading his book under the umbrella, particularly on afternoons that are not too hot. The last time he went to the logo beach to relax, he noticed that there was a lack of a breeze. This was making Louis really uncomfortable. He was only able to comfortably stay out at the beach for a minute. When he returned to his car, he noticed that the vehicle cooling system taking a long time to start blowing cold air. His trusty old automobile usually look a few minutes to cool down and blow cold air from the air conditioning system, but this was taking much longer than normal. He probably was about half way beach house when he realized for the first time that his cooling system might have stopped entirely working. Louis’s relaxing beach morning was turning into a nightmare! He eventually took his automobile to the dealership the following morning. They easily were able to update the faulty area in Louis’’s vehicle, but he has not been to the beach since.

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