Louis got a lemon

Louis has typically been a DIY kind of person for as long as I’ve known him. He built his own furniture and eventually went on to professionally build a beach house for his family, but before all of this, he honestly was entirely into purchasing homes that needed a lot of work, personally fixing them up and flipping them for a profit. He found this particular kind of work to be fun and rewarding and was very typically coming up with modern ideas that other people loved! Louis was smart about the houses he would buy and flip. He would typically ensure that the Heating and A/C system did not need replacing before the purchase. Last year, Louis obtained a beach house with a 5 year-old Central Heating and A/C system. This wasn’t too old, so it entirely still had a few years that’s good use left on it. As soon as he got the keys, he went immediately over to the modern beach house to start on a project. He noticed that the indoor temperature that day was nearly 75 degrees. He adjusted the thermostat, and began his Construction work. The beach house was not cooling down after many minutes, so Louis called an Heating and A/C specialist out to take a look. After the inspection, Louis was told that the Heating and A/C idea would definitely need a full updatement before selling it. Angry, he agreed to the update. He thought that with only 5 previous years of use, this Heating and A/C idea would be able to last the next owners a few more years with no complications. Louis was aggravated, but he was able to sell the beach house in no time, despite all that, and made a big profit even including the cost of the modern Heating and A/C system.

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