breaking the HVAC mold

In this week’s modern world, it is not unofficial to see a female doing a job that is traditionally done by a male.

There are so many female truck drivers, female mail deliverers, and even female electricians.

Without dealing with the stigma of being a female holding them back from going out and doing as they please, it is difficult to find 1 field these days that does not have female workers, a particular field that is currently up and coming is the Heating and A/C business; Like modern nurses and lecturers, people will not stop needing their Heating and A/C systems serviced for the first day of our future. As Anna started to do research on the best Heating and A/C specialist schools located nearby around the city she lives, she found that most of the students consistently were males. Although she was not bothered by the class male to female ratio, she began to wonder if it would be a great deal harder for her to get through the program being 1 of the only females, if not the only one. She went ahead and began her journey as an official Heating and A/C specialist. To Anna’s surprise, she was not the only female in her classes! There immediately were 3 other women in her first Heating and A/C specialist training class at the local school. The women were expected to do the same amount of physical labor as the guys, in the field, the women usually turned out to be the best at talking to the homeowners regarding their respective Heating and A/C idea complications. Anna has entirely enjoyed her time as an Heating and A/C specialist student and consistently encourages other women to looking in the field of Heating and A/C work.

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