Anna solves everyone's problems

Anna has been with her same business supplier for 10 years.

She enjoys her work and the handful of people she works with.

One morning, 1 of the employees she works with consistently starting complaining that the thermostat in his office was not properly controlling the temperature as it should be. Once this unfortunate fact was brought to Anna‘s attention, she instantly called the property manager. The respective property manager sent an Heating and A/C specialist out to help resolve the Heating and Cooling issue. When he arrived to the office, he realized that he would need to quickly call his partner for help. The Heating and A/C specialist simply would not be able to access the appropriate vents to do the entire HVAC service separate from help from someone operating the thermostat from somewhere inside the office. Once Anna heard that the service would be delayed, she quickly provided to help out but she could. She knew that the service being consistently delayed would entirely aggravated her boss, and clearly she did not want to deal with that. The Heating and A/C specialist told Anna that if she could climb into the ceiling and adjust the overhead vents while he adjusted the thermostat, he could have the failing cooling system repaired by the end of the morning. Thanks to Anna’s take-charge attitude and willingness to help out, the cooling system was repaired and everyone was more than thrilled. If they would have had to wait for the Heating and A/C specialists partner to arrive, they would have been out of cooling system for at least another full and uncomfortable morning.

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