I workout while our bestie relaxes

My bestie and I recently took a ten-day getaway overseas, and we loved every minute of it! He and I are very different people – opposites attract, I suppose.

See, when my bestie gets up in the “morning”, he likes to get a cup of coffee, read some stuff online and spend an hour or so just relaxing by noon. Meanwhile, I get out of bed at six in the morning, and lace up my sneakers for a workout! Traveling together is periodically tough because of our priorities, too. I want to regularly find a hotel that includes a gym, just so I can plan on physically active mornings or at least some kind of excursions, like hiking, bicycling, snorkeling, zip lining or even rock climbing! Meanwhile, he prefers to tour museums, sample the local cuisine, and watch live bands – that kind of stuff. He is the kind of guy that would rather pay less for a hotel with no amenities! If the hotel doesn’t include any kind of fitness center, I then have to go for a long run. Once I’m done with the workout, he’s finally getting up to shower anyway. So, he’s rarely forced to wait around for me to shower and get packed up. I get frustrated that he always wants to stop for a meal and waste time trying dessert! The people I was with and I recently visited this place though, which is known around town for their warm springs. This was perfect for both of us! The spot we chose had a huge fitness space, equipped with all sorts of current equipment. With so many treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and rowing machines to choose from, I knew that I was set. There was also some yoga mats, free weights, kettlebells, and even benches for weight training. Naturally, they had this lovely hot tub and sauna that my bestie would enjoy, too.

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