I couldn’t have lost the weight without my personal trainer

Throughout university, I was always physically active. I always loved to go for a run, ride my bike, play basketball and rock climb. I never had to agonize about what I ate or my weight. When I eventually got married and had several children in less than 6 years, my way of life has changed quite a bit. There was no longer time to workout or play various athletic interests. Taking care of the children was my main priority. I found it pretty much impossible to lose the baby weight, and I was seriously unhappy with my appearance. I couldn’t fit into any of my clothing and my confidence suffered substantially. As the children got a little older, I tried various diets and workouts without any real success. I’d gained so much weight, I no longer looked or felt anything like the same person and I became very depressed! My hubby arranged for me to meet with a personal trainer. I didn’t really know what to expect and was completely intimidated. However, the initial consultation set my mind at ease. The trainer asked me all sorts of questions about my regular routine, eating habits, setbacks and target weight. The two of us discussed the activities I used to prefer and my demanding schedule. The personal trainer then sent me to see a nutritionist, who offered a nice meal plan. Along with the starting of a fitness regiment, I changed my way of eating. I began to feel so much better within a couple of short weeks! By the end of the first month, I saw a pretty major change in my body. Every time I showed up for my workout session, the personal trainer had me go on the scale and measured my body fat. Tracking those numbers was pretty nice motivation. Every little success made me even more intent on achieving my goals. Although I am now back down to what I weighed back then and feeling particularly wonderful about myself, I continue to meet with the personal trainer so that I can feel even better.



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