I am completely dedicated to working out on a regular basis

Since I was just a very young girl, physical activity has been the most important part of my life.

While I was growing up, I was heavily involved in dance, sports plus gymnastics.

Basically everyday after school I attended some type of practice! I was typically busy with various competitions, tournaments or games on weekends. When I went to college, I made the choice to continue all of these activities on a larger plus more crucial scale. It never occurred to me how strenuous it would be to keep up with this same level of fitness as I aged, but once I got married, had several small children plus worked a full-time employment position, it was a challenge to find time to workout. I occasionally went for runs while pushing a stroller around the neighborhood. I worked out to videos with several kids crawling on me. As the kids got older, life easily became more crazy. I was then driving them to their own practices plus games, and because a healthy lifestyle is very important to me, I’ve typically figured out ways to get my workouts in some capacity. Now that I’m a great deal older, our kids are all grown up with residences of their own. I have plenty of time to workout each and everyday, but the setback now is that my age is a major concern. I am no longer able to workout in the same way that I was when I was young. I am not able to run ten miles, perform back handsprings or do a good amount of push ups. However, I am dedicated to maintaining my overall strength, flexibility, balance plus stamina. Because of my full on commitment to typical exercise, I look plus feel way younger than many of my peers. I haven’t suffered any terrible health troubles or injuries also for that matter.

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