A wellness program is a good idea for the office

My workday actually consists of sitting at a desk, staring at a screen and typing on a keyboard! Sometimes I get to talk on the phone for awhile, and the job requires no physical exertion in the slightest. However, by the end of a lengthy workday, my body aches. I end up with a sore neck and back, aching joints and painful feet. Because of the length of the workday, it’s taxing to find time to fit in any type of physical fitness regiment. I get up in the day very early and get back to my property from my task at about 7 inside the evening. By that point, I simply want to eat some good food and watch cable or study a book. After really working at the same task for several years, I noticed that I’d put on a number of extra pounds and was becoming far less productive. Sitting at my desk for a good amount of time started to cause me horrible pain. As I whined to coworkers, I discovered that the bunch of us were all suffering the same setbacks. I did a bit of research online and came across a corporate wellness program. I then took the information to the office manager who actually agreed that it was a superb idea. All of us put out sign up sheets and the interest level was peaking. I got in touch with a personal trainer who specializes in fitness programs in the workplace, and she was totally helpful. All of us now offer sessions before work, in the lunch hour and at the end of the day. The classes are consistently full, and there’s consistently a waiting list, but many of us have signed up to meet with this same personal trainer on weekends also. She not only sets reasonable goals and keeps us motivated, but she’s taught us quite a bit about the respected way to workout and nutrition. Since incorporating the wellness program, we’ve also added a company basketball and beach volleyball team.
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