My husband doesn’t joke about his job

I love my husband to death, but I wish that he would find a way to loosen up just a little bit! I first met my husband nearly twenty years ago when I hired some help to fix up an old house that I had purchased.

I was lucky enough to be able to buy they house for extremely cheap since it had been abandoned, but due to the lack of people living in it there were some major repairs that needed to be done.

One of the things the house needed the most was a new heating and cooling unit, which is where my husband comes into play. Once he was sent out from his HVAC company to install a new heating and cooling unit I thought he was extremely handsome. The only problem was that he was so focused on getting the heating and cooling unit installed that he hardly paid any attention to me! I tried to flirt with him, offering him water, but nothing would work! Eventually after an hour I gave up and decided that he wasn’t interested. A couple of hours later I ended up receiving a call from none other than him! My future husband went on to explain to me that he was extremely interested and wanted to talk to me, but he has a very strict code of no horse play while he is working. During all of the years that I have known him this code he has is still as strict as before. It might seem crazy to me, but I wouldn’t want it any other way

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