I really miss my cat who loved the HVAC vents

I really miss my old cat.

He was such an amazing cat ever since he was a kitten.

I remember he would always snuggle up next to me when I was asleep in my bed. Sometimes, he would even lay directly on my head which was funny. Something that I have always noticed that he loved was going next to the HVAC vent when the heating system would engage. He would be feeling chilly with the drafts that I had in my home back then. He seemed to always appreciate it when I went to the thermostat and adjusted the temperature control settings to get the heating system engaged. There were times when he would even meow when he wanted something like that to be done. I swear he was such a smart cat. He would just meow at me until I realized what he wanted. It was almost like we had a psychic connection sometimes because usually I knew exactly what he wanted. A lot of the time, it was for me to adjust the temperature control settings. When I would do that, he would come to me and purr and then go to the HVAC vent so that he could get comfortable. I thought things were great until I moved to this new neighborhood that wasn’t the nicest place to live. I had no choice because I had to change jobs and I wasn’t making as much money. It was crazy because he kept wanting to go outside and so eventually I let him. The one day it broke my heart when he was hit by a car. It was like a piece of my soul left with him and I’m so sad that I wasn’t there for him.

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