Different temperatures were the answer

We have a vacation home that our family goes to in the winter months.

  • We usually go there around the Christmas holidays.

It is a really great treat for the holiday season, and our family has a wonderful time. However, we have a problem a lot of the time, and that is that everyone in the family is always fighting over the thermostat. This has been an ongoing issue with the thermostat. Everyone in the family prefers different temperatures. Finally, we decided before we go up there this year, we are going to put an end to the arguments over the central heating and air conditioning system! We heard about this new HVAC technology called HVAC zone control. With HVAC zone control, we can have different temperatures and different thermostats. This means, if my kids want it a little warmer, they can set the thermostat in one room, and then me and my wife can set the thermostat in the other room to what we feel that we need. The price of HVAC zone control is going to be a bit up there. But, it is going to be well worth the investment just to put a stop to all the arguing and fighting over the darn thermostat! We will now have several thermostats, so this will be the true answer thanks to HVAC zone control! Thanks to the internet and a website we were looking at, this is how we found out about HVAC zone control in the very first place! My kids and wife are very happy about HVAC zone control coming to the vacation home.

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