Vent placement leads to some concerns in small apartment

When both of us moved into a smaller condo both of us knew that both of us would have to make some adjustments! But, both of us just couldn’t afford the more extravagant places anymore since I cut back my work hours.

The people I was with and I donated a lot of things in preparation for our smaller place however both of us didn’t think both of us would have to downsize our bed too.

The people I was with and I have consistently shared a king-sized bed. The bed fits in our modern bedroom however just barely. And, try as both of us might, there is no way to situate the bed so that it is not covering a single of the 2 Heating plus A/C vents in the room. The vents are on the floor, in this apartment, as well as our bed frame is solid. It is also way too hot in the bedroom if both of us leave a vent covered. I easily don’t want to buy a modern bed frame. After all, both of us are trying to cut back on spending. My husband has been talking about installing our old window air conditioner unit in bed window of our bedroom to help keep us cool. I know that will make our power bill too high! Now only will both of us be paying for the central air conditioner however both of us will be paying for the window unit as well. That is why I am leaning towards just getting another bed frame; Yes, it will cost a bit of currency however it will be a a single time purchase. The central a/c will work well in the bedroom again as well as both of us won’t have to worry about wasting electricity. I just think both of us can make this smaller condo work for us.


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