Risking the HVAC Warranty is a Real Bad Idea

I was raised in a home where the idea of self sufficiency was not just an option.

All of us had responsibilities around our place. If something broke, we tried to fix it ourselves. I can’t remember a time when it was any different so, it was not strange to get my hands dirty. Taking apart the lawnmower engine at 13 was a natural to me as asking for seconds on hamburger night. While it was a very positive and encouraging environment, it was not a place where we all sat on the couch in HVAC comfort to watch TV. We were always doing something constructive. It was actually a pretty cool way to grow up. I took the do it yourself mindset into my adult life. I still have a look at anything that needs a repair before calling someone or simply buying a new one. Most stuff I can still fix. The cars have changed too much. I can’t get around all the computer chips and that confidently so, I have to take them to the shop. I should have kept that in mind when the HVAC went down recently. Instead, I did my normal and had a look at it first. I could see clearly there was a refrigerant leak. Actually, I could hear it first. I replaced the tubing then I did something so stupid. I purchased some refrigerant on my own to recharge what had leaked out. Take it from me, if your HVAC goes down, go directly to the phone and call the professionals. I overfilled the refrigerant reservoir and cracked an expensive part.

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