Losing power would not be that bad-don’t use AC that much

My area is potentially going to get hit by a big hurricane. I am not worried though, they usually end up being just pretty harsh rainstorms. I do prepare just in case I do lose power. Fortunately, even if I did not have power, I would still have water. I could flush the toilet, turn on the shower and wash dishes. The things I would not have are lights, a cold fridge and the AC system on. I feel I can easily get by without electric though. Not having lights is no big deal. It gets dark super late at night anyway. I would just use my phone light and then go to bed early. I don’t even watch television either. I prefer to just read or maybe clean my house. The fridge being warm would really stink. I love fruit and it would all spoil in the fridge. I also would lose my milk, cheese and yogurt that I use just about everyday. I feel I could eat peanut butter sandwiches and dry cereal for a few days though. I would get over it. Losing my cooling system would not affect me at all. I know a lot of people are reliant on AC and feel it is necessary for southern living. I actually hate AC and feeling cold. The cooling system clicking on and off wakes me up a bunch at night. Also, I spend most of my time outdoors in the heat. No air conditioning for a few days would not even alter my life one bit.

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