Don't forget to make sure the condenser unit outside is clear of debris

An HVAC system can be a complicated thing.

There are various parts to keep track of.

Each of the various components is necessary for the functioning of the overall system. As a homeowner, you might find it easy to forget about one component or another. I regularly change out the air filters for my HVAC unit. I always make sure the thermostat has fresh batteries. If there’s any sort of electrical problem with the breakers, I’m far more likely to catch it and call an electrician. Recently however, it’s the outdoor condenser unit that escape to my vigil. I guess I kind of forgot that thing was out there and forgot how important it was in order for the HVAC unit to function properly! The combination of violent and windy thunderstorms and a whole lot of recent yard work apparently did some damage to the condenser unit. It was smothered by all sorts of yard debris on the outside and clogged up with it on the inside. When this eventually caused my air conditioning unit to crap out on me, I wasn’t sure what happened at first. When I finally went outside to check on the condenser unit, I felt like a fool. I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed up until that point that the poor thing was all choked up with debris. I sincerely hoped that the fan blades hadn’t been damaged and it was a simple matter of clearing out all that junk to get it to start working again! Turns out that’s really all it needed.

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