Adjusting the a/c once my boyfriend leaves

I’ll admit that I get a little excited when my boyfriend leaves for a business or boy’s trip.

I get the place all to myself for four days.

Having the freedom to eat, sleep and do whatever I want when I want to is fantastic. The first thing I do is turn off or adjust the AC. My boyfriend was a menopausal woman in another life. He runs a few degrees hotter than everyone else. So anytime we drive somewhere in the car, the AC is cranked to the highest setting. I get sick of having the air hitting me in the face and the cold air always makes my throat hurts. In the house I freeze all the time. I have to use a comforter on my bed and sleep in pants. I hardly am indoors when it is the summer. He loves the AC and is so annoying if I dare adjust it. So when he is gone, I have free reign on the thermostat. The thermostat is typically set to 69 degrees when he is there. The moment he leaves I bump it up to 74 degrees. Sometimes I turn the cooling system totally off. It is nice being a little hot rather than freezing cold. The energy bills when I am alone are so much lower than when my boyfriend is there. I am sure he would freak out if he knew I turn off the cooling system. I don’t tell him and hide the evidence. When I know he is coming home, I turn back on the AC, shut the blinds and keep the doors closed.



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