Why electrically-run heating systems aren’t the best

I have an electric furnace in my house.

However, since last year, the electric furnace is not the only HVAC unit in my house that can keep me warm.

I also have a propane space heater in my house that can keep my entire house warm by itself. I didn’t always have a propane space heater, but I recommend it to anyone who has an HVAC system that runs with electricity. HVAC units such as furnaces (gas or electric), boilers, radiant heated flooring, and any other variation of primary heat that uses any amount of electricity to run or ignite the heater is a nice form of heating, but there is only one drawback. If your power goes out for any reason, you will have no way to heat your house. If your heating system depends on even a spark of electricity, then you will find yourself in a pinch if the power goes out. Last year when the power went out in my entire area, nobody has a working furnace for miles. The only people that could heat their homes were those who had either a backup battery or generator or those who burned wood for their heat. This is why I purchased a propane space heater for our home. This space heater required no electricity, and when the power went out in our house, my entire family was warm. It doesn’t use very much propane, and the heater puts out an incredible amount of heat for its size. If your HVAC unit relies on electricity, I would strongly recommend purchase another form of heat for an emergency.


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