Too frigid to sleep in friend’s apartment

When my friend heard I would be in neighborhood for a few nights, she told me that she has an inflatable mattress I can crash on.

Of course, I took her up on the offer.

I am always game for saving a few hundred dollars on hotel stays. What I wasn’t prepared for was that the inflatable mattress would be in the middle of the living room floor with no privacy what-so-ever. I was also not prepared for how freezing frigid her home got at night. Apparently my friend cranks down the air conditioning system at night so she can sleep. Despite all of the blankets on the bed, I found that I was too frigid to sleep for most of the night. The light, cotton pajamas I had packed were not helpful! Neither were the blankets. The next morning, I went out plus purchased some heavy, moderate pajamas, wool socks, plus a heated blanket. It was a lot cheaper than getting a hotel room so I didn’t entirely mind it. It thought of getting a little space furnace too however it was kind of high-priced, besides, I doubt it would be able to do much against the central air conditioning system. I would honestly just end up blowing a fuse or something. So I just settled on the moderate clothes plus a moderate blanket. The next numerous nights, I slept in moderate plus comfort despite the air conditioning system blasting away all night long. I had a lot of fun on my holiday although I was also entirely glad to go back to my own cabin where I can set the thermostat to whatever I want plus I don’t have to wear heavy clothes to combat the freezing air conditioning system.



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