How to care for your HVAC system

There are many steps to keeping your heating and air conditioning system in top shape.

First, it is important to get your HVAC unit serviced on a regular basis.

Typically, the frequency with which you will need to service your HVAC system will be outlined by the manufacturer in the user’s guide accompanying the system on first purchase. Service schedules can vary from six months to a year. If you have lost your user’s guide and cannot find one online, contact your HVAC technician. He or she will likely be able to gather this information for you. Next, follow best practices when using your HVAC system. Do not let your HVAC unit run at either extreme heat or cool for long periods of time. This can overburden your system and lead to damage over the long run. Make sure your home or office space is properly insulated so that you are maximizing the effects of your heater or air conditioner. Plug up any leaks with sealant or duct tape. Air escape can also happen through the ducts and vents in your home. Be sure to seal these up too. Finally, regularly clean the ducts and vents connected to your air conditioner and replace your air filter on a three to six month schedule, or as recommended by your cooling expert. These steps will not only ensure that the air circulating through your home or office is clean, but will also save your HVAC system from getting overtaxed by accumulated dirt and debris. A clean HVAC system does not have to work as long to cool your home as a dusty system would. This will not only prolong the life of your HVAC unit, but it will also save you in energy costs–a win win.


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