Cooling industry: wave of the Future

Many industries of the past have disappeared.

Car and furniture manufacturing, once the foundation of the economy, have largely disappeared from many parts of the country.

Where they continue to exist, they are a fraction of the size they once were since machines and automation have largely overtaken much of the manual labor once provided by workers. One industry that is not only not slated to disappear any time soon, but expected to rise is the cooling industry. The cooling industry is already well established throughout the southern parts of the US and in almost all major metropolitan areas globally. But with rising middle classes in emerging economies like Brazil, China and India, and with shifts in global temperatures producing record-breaking heatwaves across the world, the demand for cooling technology is expected to rise exponentially. While this may initially produce some challenges with energy demands and balancing, improved HVAC technologies will enable more people to cool their homes and businesses efficiently and affordably. Where there may be more challenges will be in the area of labor and expertise. The technology in heating and cooling may, for a time, outpace the ability of schools and current cooling experts to train the next generation of HVAC technicians. Current experts in the cooling industry are therefore lobbying for expanded training programs in local trade schools and community colleges, while those already on the job have raised their rates since they are in such high demand. The higher salary commanded by HVAC technicians is, according to some estimates, expected to eventually make up for any shortfalls in the field as young people enter the field due to favorable pay. For more information on the cooling industry, research HVAC tips.

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