Cooling expert: a career of the future

Teens and young adults contemplating their next move after school often feel lost.

On the one hand, they are told that the sky is the limit when it comes to choices and opportunities.

Parents, teachers and counselors encourage young people to pursue their passions. At the same time, young people are keenly aware that a life in the pursuit of passions can often be difficult, if not impossible. Many artists, designers, actors and actresses spend their careers doing something other than their passion since the market for creativity tends to be small. Only a few rise to the top while the rest languish. So many parents, teachers and counselors are advising their youngsters to take a more practical route when it comes to choosing a career and leave the passion for spare time. One promising and very practical choice of career is in the cooling industry. New HVAC technologies are emerging everyday given the rising demand for better, more efficient indoor temperature control. However, there currently are not enough cooling experts available to fully service this fast growing industry. Becoming a cooling expert can therefore be a very savvy option for young people looking to start a lifelong, stable and well-paying career. Cooling experts will be needed to install, service, repair, refurbish and design the HVAC systems of today and tomorrow. With rising middle classes all over the world, the demand for quality home and commercial HVAC systems will continue to rise and rise. Cooling experts will command high salaries and will be able to take their pick of locations in which to live and work. Trade schools and community colleges nationwide offer training and certification in heating and cooling technology. For more information about becoming a cooling expert, research HVAC jobs.

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