Commercial air conditioning

Few of us appreciate the difference between commercial air conditioning and the air conditioning we use in our homes.

But there are some very significant differences and knowing about them can save consumers quite a bit in service and repair costs as well as in utilities (for energy-saving help, research HVAC tips).

Typically, commercial air conditioners are used in business settings of all kinds. Offices, restaurants, salons and more all typically use commercial air conditioning systems to cool indoor spaces. Commercial air conditioners provide maximum temperature control and are typically more powerful than the kind of HVAC system provided in homes. They also typically use more energy than home HVAC systems because they are larger and more powerful. But they may not always be necessary. Small businesses housed in small spaces where customers or clients will not be spending a significant amount of time may not necessarily need commercial air conditioning. Of course, this will depend on the type of business being considered. A business involved with food preparation should use commercial air conditioning and top of the line refrigeration. Local regulations will typically stipulate required temperatures for restaurants and other food vendors and these should always be adhered to. But a phone repair shop where customers will drop off and pick up phones may not require the investment of a full scale commercial air conditioner. This is particularly so if the shop is small and if it is located in a milder climate. In instances like this, a simple centralized HVAC system will do. Of course there are also always commercial options (for a comprehensive list of the best air conditioning systems for your needs, research HVAC tips).


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