The winter months are the best time of the year

I seriously feel as though I can’t say this often enough.

If I had a choice of seasons, I would choose Spring & fall.

I still have to admit that the winter weather is my number one time of year. I prefer the snuggly soft sweaters that you can wear over layers of clothing. No one bothers to look at you as though you may be hiding a few extra pounds of weight. They think you look hot & cozy. It is honestly difficult to take off enough clothing to be comfortable when it is incredibly hot outside. I have the air conditioner equipment running continually & yet I am still uncomfortable all of the time. I don’t really mind the heat so much as I do the humidity. Even with the dehumidifier it doesn’t ever really feel comfortable in our property. The Heating & A/C supplier told me that it may be something wrong with the property, but I honestly believe it is just me. I believe that the humidity just hangs in our property & I honestly do need some more weatherstripping added to our windows & doors. I could honestly use new & replaced insulation. I have been planning on having our air duct cleaned out officially, but I do change the air filter often. Until I have time to get this stuff finished, I wear my shorts in the home & I try not to go out very often. I wait for the winter weather when I can safely wear clothing & go outside & be completely comfy. I can use our gas furnace to keep me nice and hot & I don’t need to worry about the humidity in the least. I’ll even call the Heating & A/C equipment supplier & hope there isn’t anything entirely wrong with our air conditioner equipment.

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