It’s not easy for me to deal with all these storms

This past year has been filled with concern about storms.

We have had more than 2 storms that have caused a great deal of flooding in areas that have never been flooded in the past.

It has been easily taxing trying to figure out if I am able to sit out a storm in my property, or if I should move to higher ground. It isn’t just the flooding, however the storms with the huge amount of hail & the humidity. My mom tells me that the weather is normal for this area, but I have never lived in my property before. I typically lived at home where I had plenty of company when the thunder & lightning started up. I never even realized how worried storms made me. I listen to the thunder & I assume the lightning is going to come get me. I shudder every time the skies get really dark. I assume that I haven’t easily given it enough time, but I am honestly ready to throw in the towel & forget about my independence. I don’t have any air conditioning equipment in my property. There is no way to keep cool with just a floor fan to keep the air moving in my property. The humidity is completely off the charts. Whenever it rains, the water comes into my basement & I have to worry always, about mold. I feel as though I want to go back to my former home where I have perfect Heating & A/C equipment. I can go to my room & close the door & still have cool air coming from the air vents regularly. I don’t need to be so worried if I will have air conditioning equipment when I close my door, because I have a temperature control that I can set & that isn’t on the wall only for decoration. I have the rest of the month to finish out here & after that I am moving back to my former home.

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