I can’t handle the storms, I want to go back home

The last year has been distressing with worry about constant storms.

The people I was with and I have had multiple storms that has caused a ton of flooding in areas that have never been flooded previously.

It has been entirely hard trying to figure out if I can rest out a storm in my residence, or if I should be moving to higher ground. It isn’t just the flooding, however the storms with the huge amount of hail and the humidity. My mom tells me all the time that the weather is normal for our area, but I have never lived in my residence before. I always lived at my former home where I had people to keep me company when the thunder and lightning started roaring. I never realized how sad storms made me feel. I listen to the thunder and I know that the lightning is on the way. I shudder every and every time the skies darken. I believe that I haven’t entirely given it a lot of time, but I am ready to throw in the towel and forget about my life of independence. I don’t have any a/c machine in my residence. There is no way to stay cool with just a floor fan to keep the air moving. The humidity is totally off the charts. Whenever it rains, the water comes into my basement and I worry always, about mold. I definitely want to go back to my old home where I have perfect Heating plus A/C. I can go to my room and close the door and still have cool air coming from the air vents always. I don’t need to be so worried if I will have a/c when I close my door, because I have a temperature control that I am able to set and that isn’t on the wall just for decoration. I have the rest of the month to finish out staying here and then I am totally moving back home.

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