Sunroom requires new mini split system

When I first bought my house, I knew that I wanted to renovate the attached sunroom.

  • Frankly, the sunroom was one of the biggest reasons why I made this purchase in the first place.

I knew that I needed an awesome outdoor space to hang out in everyday. I just wasn’t going to be happy unless I could be immersed in nature while hanging out calmly in my own place. With all that in mind, I started approaching the renovation little by little. It was a coat of paint here, resealing some windows and doors over there, putting in a new ceiling fan… But I knew that I was avoiding the biggest issue of all, the indoor air quality. Since it’s a semi sealed room, and there’s a lot of issues with keeping the air temperature comfortable. Adding the sun that streams through the windows all afternoon, and you’re talking about a real hot and cold situation. I could never predict if the sunroom was going to be warm and balmy, or chili and brisk in the morning. Since I want to be able to work out there a lot more, I knew that I needed to upgrade the air temperature controls that I had in the store. I went and talked to my local HVAC company, expecting them to tell me that I should just get a small AC window unit and maybe an electric heater for the space. Instead, they told me about a mini split ductless heating and air conditioning system that they had just gotten in. Apparently these units connect easily to the wall and can provide both Heating and Cooling to your space with minimal energy expenditure. Well when I heard that I knew that it was meant to be. I now have the most comfortable sunroom on the block.


a/c worker