Air conditioning helps when your have an allergic reaction

I had to go to the hospital the other week.

I was given three shots of nuclear medicine.

Never before had I had a reaction other than a bit of an upset stomach. I got home from the hospital and sat down at my desk. The next thing I knew, my skin was bright red and I felt like I had fire ants crawling all over me. I was itching and burning at the same time. I was also shivering so bad that I could barely keep my teeth from chattering. I called the hospital and told them what was going on and they told me that I could take an allergy pill or I could use the air conditioning. I was so glad it was summer because I turned the thermostat way down and I stood in front of the air vents. The cooling air of the AC actually made my skin feel so much better. My husband came upstairs to see how I was doing and he panicked. I had giant blotches all over me and it looked worse than poison ivy. He felt my skin and it was so hot and dry that he was starting to panic. I told him I had already talked to the doctor and he said that standing in front of the air conditioning and taking allergy medicine was the best thing I could do. He refused to let me alone for the rest of the evening. I really don’t know what I would have done without the air conditioning, or my husband doting over me for over two hours.

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