When the programmable thermostat didn’t work right, they installed a smart thermostat

When I decided to have my HVAC system upgraded, I was lucky that the upgrade came with a free programmable thermostat.

  • I was happy with the new HVAC system, but after a little while, I was experiencing problems with it.

This didn’t make a lot of sense to me because the HVAC system was pretty much new. I got a hold of the HVAC company and started telling them about the complications with the HVAC. When the HVAC worker was at my house, he was apologizing for the problems I was experiencing. He came to find that the problem was actually with the free programmable thermostat I had. It was actually malfunctioning. He said that for my troubles, he would install a smart thermostat for free. This got me really excited because I heard a lot of great things about smart thermostats. When I had the smart thermostat installed, it was so much easier to use than that programmable thermostat. The best thing of all was the fact that there were no longer any complications with my HVAC system. I also loved the fact that I could adjust the temperature control settings with my phone. I didn’t even have to program the thermostat because it went into auto-learning mode and learned my preferred settings in no time. To be perfectly honest, I’m glad that programmable thermostat malfunctioned, otherwise I would have never been able to get the smart thermostat for free. Even my energy bills started to go down, and I really love every single feature of the smart thermostat.


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