Went to the bar for some wings and learned the HVAC system was shot

Every so often, I love to go down to the local bar on Tuesdays because they have 50 cent wings on that day.

This last time that I went to the bar though, I noticed the place was mostly empty.

That seemed very odd to me because a lot of people love to go to the bar to get the 50 cent wings. As soon as I stepped into the bar, I could tell what the problem was. The air quality was bad and the climate control system seemed to be not working. They really needed A/C in the place and I quickly asked what was going on. They let me know that they had their HVAC system break down and they already called the HVAC company. The HVAC technician was supposed to be there a little later in the evening. At least they had a bunch of fans working, but I guess most people weren’t able to take the heat. The 50 cent wings normally apply only if you eat-in, but they said because it was so hot in the bar, they would allow me to take my wings to go if I wanted. I appreciated that because I wasn’t looking forward to eating while being overheated with no air conditioning. So I got plenty of wings to go and went back home to eat. I was thankful to be back in the comfort of my air conditioning system. I was able to crank up the A/C a little bit and turned on the TV. I certainly enjoy those wings, and I would likely be back to the bar the following Tuesday.


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