I learned that my neighbor makes good money selling old HVAC parts

My neighbor always has a huge stockpile of HVAC parts and automotive parts in his backyard and in his garage.

One day, I got to talking to him about his collection of HVAC parts and auto parts.

He was telling me that he actually makes really good money just selling used parts like that. It was actually interesting because he told me the story of how he got started with that type of work. While he did have a huge collection of parts, he kept all the parts very well organized and it didn’t even look messy. He would have people come over to find what they were looking for and they would commonly pay good money, especially for used HVAC parts and equipment. I was telling him that we were thinking about upgrading our HVAC unit and I would be happy to let him have the old HVAC unit if he wanted it. His eyes lit up and he said he would be thankful for that. He said he would even pay me money for the old equipment, but I said that wasn’t necessary. I learned from him that it was exactly that attitude that allowed him to make good money. Most people consider their old HVAC equipment to be useless junk, and they have no idea the actual value of the used parts and equipment. I was glad that he was making excellent money just by doing that, but I really knew nothing about that type of business. I really couldn’t tell you the value of anything that is used.


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