The overly long boiler installation annoyed me

Having a boiler installed is something I had to do with the house that I bought. I still do not understand it to this day, but for some reason, getting a boiler was the only way the house I live in could be properly heated. I am no heating and air conditioning expert, so I could not even tell you the reason for this. This was what the heating and cooling specialists I had check everything out had told me. The day I was to have my boiler installed, if anything and everything could go wrong…it did. First, the heating and air conditioning company was running late in arriving for the installation of the boiler by 30 minutes. They said they had got held up in traffic. Then, next, they had an issue moving this huge monster boiler from the HVAC moving truck to my basement. Their dolly that they were using was not good enough to handle the boiler. So, they had to call in for another HVAC moving truck to come down to my place and deliver them a dolly that would do the job. Finally, they managed to get the boiler moved to my basement where the installation was to take place. To make a very long story short, the heating and air conditioning specialists were at my house for over 8 hours! They were having some other kind of issues during the installation with the hook ups or something. Finally, once the boiler was installed, they said they were sorry for the hassle and they were on their way back to the HVAC office. That day was a major headache for me!

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