Putting my thermostat too low in a hot environment led to constant freeze ups

My wife and I were planning a vacation.

On a whim we found travel packages to fly down south and stay at an ocean resort for a week. The package included plane tickets, car rental, hotel fares, and food at the hotel restaurant. It seemed like a fantastic deal so we made the necessary arrangements. Neither of us had ever ventured this far south in our lives, so it came as a huge surprise when we got off the plane and left the airport, finally feeling the full effects of 100 degree heat with little to no wind. Still, we were excited to see our accommodations and the beautiful beach behind it that was promised in the advertisement. When we arrived, we couldn’t believe our eyes. We thought that having our own villa meant great conditions, but it was like a damp and aged motel, stuck in the 70s era and frozen in time. It had a single window air conditioner and no heat source, the latter of which was probably unnecessary year round in a climate like this. Hoping the beach would prove relaxing, we were shocked to see the trash along the coast for as far as the eye could see. I didn’t know what to expect having never seen a beach before, but I knew this was terribly wrong. Plus, the water was murky and full of algae and seaweed. It was absolutely disgusting. We thought we would get respite back in our room with the air conditioning, but we couldn’t get it below 82 degrees. The hotel maintenance said that we were freezing up the air conditioner trying to run it so low. The machines were so old that they froze up constantly from normal use. Going below 82 degrees constitutes normal use in my book. My wife and I collected our things and left. We booked the nearest flight home, learning our lesson about too good to be true travel deals and promotions.



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