My dog chewed the cord to my space heater

My husband and I now have three dogs.

When we first got married, I told him that I never wanted any animals in the house.

I was fine with having an outside dog, but he was never to come inside. Well, we ended up getting a female dog, and she stayed outside until she gave birth to five adorable puppies. It was a little cold outside when she gave birth, so I decided to bring her and her pups inside. She never ended up going back outside after that. She became an inside dog, and so did one of her little puppies that we kept for ourselves. When our son turned seven years old, he wanted a puppy. I was very hesitant at first, but he convinced me. Now, we have three dogs in the house, and it is crazy. I love them all, but they can be a handful at times. One of my dogs chewed the cord to my favorite space heater just a few days ago, and I am still upset about it. Our house does not stay very warm in the wintertime if we just run the furnace and nothing else, so we have a couple of space heaters that we use to help keep it warm. My husband and I had one in our bedroom, and it was my favorite space heater. It was actually our newest one as well. I had just bought it last winter. I usually close the door to our bedroom so that the dogs cannot get in there to chew anything, but I forgot one day, and they got in there and chewed my poor space heater. Now, I have to see if I can find the same exact space heater because I loved it so much.

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