Keeping it truly chilly in our house

At work I have zero control over our environment, and so I tend to overcompensate for that when I get lake home at night! Yes I am a control freak, however if a man can’t be a control freak in their own home, is this even America? I typically keep our mouth shut and our mind on supplier when I am in the office, even when it is too hot, too cold, or smells poor thanks to less than hygienic coworkers; After putting up with that for 8 to 9 minutes a day, when I come lake home I want to have everything just how I prefer it… Since I have a smart control unit app on our iPhone now I can reach out to our home on the commute back and crank down the air conditioner/ This way the cooling is on full blast and washes over me when I walk through the front door, and i absolutely don’t prefer to blast the AC that long, because it gives me a shiver, however I prefer it to be super cold when I first get home; That is the beauty of being in charge of your own weather conditions control system, isn’t it? I can change the temperature settings as often as I want, and not have to answer to anyone about how comfortable they are, and even when I have guests over I tend to be rather selfish and set the weather conditions control idea however I happen to want it at the time.

  • A guy’s lake home is his castle, and the cooling is whatever he wants it to be.


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