Combining thermostats with HVAC zone control

Just having HVAC zone control installed into my house, we had to have some additional thermostats put in.

Before this, of course we only had one thermostat in the house that controlled the central heating and air conditioning system.

So, what we needed now was 2 additional thermostats for our brand new zoned HVAC system. My wife and I had talked it over, and we figured we would get a little creative with it. We had a simple and cheap dial thermostat put in for the bedroom. Then, what we did for the living room area, was got one of those new smart thermostats! We figured, this could really come in handy. When we are out, we can completely turn off the heating and air conditioning in the living room area remotely. Also, we could control the temperature of the living room from anywhere we were at. Having the heating or air conditioning only running in the living room when we are home will end up saving us a lot of money on energy use and electric bills! Usually, a zoned HVAC system may end up costing you more in the long run with energy use. But, this wonderful idea me and my wife came up with in terms of combining 2 different kinds of thermostats, would help make the costa a bit cheaper with our new zoned HVAC system! The reason we even went for HVAC zone control in the first place was because the air flow in our home wasn’t up to par. Now our air flow is actually perfect thanks to HVAC zone control!
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