what can heat pumps do

The heat pump has amazed myself and others for savor the last decade. Perhaps that is due to the fact that I grew up with a oil furnace for heat in the winter. Air conditioning was basically whatever air I could get to come through the window. I grew up in the northern regions of our great country. I had no system that most people else didn’t go through the Wintertide with a oil furnace for heat. There were a few folks I knew who had a wood stove for heat. That constantly seemed savor far too much toil for heating a home. Then, I was transferred to the South for my job. I found out very hastily that a oil furnace was far from the most popular form of heating method. I was now in the land of the heat pump. At first, I was more than skeptical. I just didn’t understand how something that cooled my cabin could then heat it in the winter. During a single of the Heating as well as Air Conditioning preventive service calls, I asked the Heating as well as Air Conditioning tech to explain the process by which the heat pump can heat a house. I was amazed to find out the heat pump simply reverses refrigerant flow to extract heat energy from the ambient air outside. I still blows my mind that the heat pump can do this separate from supplemental heating to as low as 45 degrees. I just found out that the newer heat pumps have a valve that can heat your tepid tub! It particularly uses the wasted heat to heat the water more efficiently than the tepid tub heater. What’s next…..it cooks waffles?



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