Realizing that you actually do need a/c in the south

I never owned an air conditioner until I moved down south.

  • I used to live up north, I might as well have been in a different country.

The weather ranged from cool to freezing cold. I never really got a summer season. When it was a little hotter than normal, my family would each take a window fan in our bedroom. Other than that, there was no form of cooling needed. Even restaurants, bars and stores in my town did not bother with AC. The hot season was brief and sort of a letdown. Since the cold weather got to me after awhile, I moved down south. I figured that I just was strong and did not need AC. I grew up with no cooling, I am made of strong stuff. Dealing with cold weather and dealing with hot weather is a whole new animal. Put me in negative temperatures and I can sleep and live easy. The hot weather is just awful. I have butt sweat anytime I walk outside. The sweat runs down my back like a little river. The humidity got so bad that I finally caved and bought my first cooling system. It is weird having central air conditioning in my house. It is so much better than any fan. When I drive anywhere in the car, I can’t just roll my windows down for air. I need to actually have the fake cold air in order to not sweat buckets. It is a weird adjustment, that is for sure. Who would have thought that AC is actually that necessary?


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