Keeping Fluffy safe is key

Today, people have a different opinion of their family pet.

In some cases they are more diligent about caring for their fur babies than their actual ones.

I am one of those that is guilty of this. My little dog makes my heart sing each time she greets me at the door. She is always happy to see me, never talks back or argues, and will stay by my side no matter what. There are not many people that you can say that about. My kids always tell people that I go too far when it comes to caring for her. She has a full wardrobe to keep her warm and cozy during the winter and a cooling jacket for those hot days at the park. Everytime there is a new gadget that may make her life better I buy it. The latest thing I purchased may be considered over the top. The room where she stays while I am at work seemed to be a bit stuffy and I worried that she was uncomfortable. She spends nearly six hours there each day and, although she has every toy, treat, and even an indoor grass area to do her business, I wanted the room to be free of stale air and at a comfortable temperature too. I purchased a mini split HVAC unit and had it installed for her personal comfort. The rest of the house is on one zone and is controlled by a thermostat in the living room. The temperature varies from room to room but we just put up with it. Now, my little girl has better climate control than we do.


Dial thermostat