Installing heated floors in a very old home

I am coming close to being finished making the near impossible happen.

I had been completely restoring this very old house built in the 1960’s with modern everything! I redid the windows, the rooms, and I even got all new flooring put into the place.

The last touch was to install radiant heated floors into the home’s kitchen. The living room is being heated by space heaters for now. I had thought about getting central heating and air conditioning, but I am trying to keep the costs down in terms of energy use. For the kitchen, since it’s the only place other than the bathrooms that are tile, I figured that radiant heated floors would be the best rout to go in terms of heating. I am having a small time heating and cooling local contractor take care of this job, and I am paying him well to do so. Though, he said that the tiles have to be completely replaced first. This is the only thing from the original flooring of the home that I have not yet replaced. I had originally thought that because it was tile, that radiant heated floors would work and be fine with the old tile. The heating and cooling specialist said I was very wrong on that assumption. It had something to do with the make of the tile and mixing it with the radiant heat that would be coming up from the radiant heated floors. That will be done in the next month. Then, all is done and a big success! I can’t wait!


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